The number Pi in the Bible

The number Pi in the Bible appears as the number 3, and some justify the, so to say, lack of mathematical knowledge by the representatives of God on Earth, stating that the Bible is not a science book. It represents The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Its importance is immense since every measure of space implies its existence and accurate knowledge, and it appears too, recurrently, in trigonometry, it is related to the Neperian number and imaginary numbers (exp(i Pi)+1=0), and mathematics of probability.

This number appears in the Book of the Kings.

1 Kings 7:23 King James

«And he made a molten sea, ten cubits from the one brim to the other: it was round all about, and his height was five cubits: and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about.»


According to Ref.[1], the historical record of the computation of number Pi from 2000 BC to now has the following order:

Babylonians                 2000? BCE           1   3.125  = 3 + 1/8
Egyptians                   2000? BCE           1   3.16045 
China                       1200? BCE           1   3 
Bible (1 Kings 7:23)         550? BCE           1   3  
Archimedes                   250? BCE           3   3.1418 (ave.)  
Hon Han Shu                  130 AD             1   3.1622  = sqrt(10) ?  
Ptolemy                      150                3   3.14166  
Chung Hing                   250?               1   3.16227 = sqrt(10)  
Wang Fau                     250?               1   3.15555  = 142/45 
Liu Hui                      263                5   3.14159  
Siddhanta                    380                3   3.1416  
Tsu Ch'ung Chi               480?               7   3.1415926  
Aryabhata                    499                4   3.14156  
Brahmagupta                  640?               1   3.162277 = sqrt(10)  
Al-Khowarizmi                800                4   3.1416  
Fibonacci                   1220                3   3.141818  
Otho                        1573                6   3.1415929  
Viete                       1593                9   3.1415926536 (ave.)  
De Lagny                    1719              127   (112 correct)  
Rutherford                  1824              208   (152 correct)  
Shanks                      1874              707   (527 correct)  


A scientific explanation of astrology?…

Astronomy is a scientific discipline that comes from astrology but later on, the scientific branch, consolidated and with quantified theories, never accepted any legitimacy to astrology. More recently, English astronomer, Dr. Percy Seymour, Director of the William Day Planetarium and principal lecturer in astronomy at the University of Plymouth, authored an interesting book Halley’s Comet, The Scientific Basis of Astrology, Astrology: The Evidence of Science, The Paranormal: Beyond Sensory Science, and Adventures in Astronomy, a hands-on approach to building simple astrolabes, star clocks, and sundials. He is an expert in cosmic magnetism and sustains that a mathematical theory that shows magnetism is on the basis of the influence on the developing fetus and hence dictates the astrologic influence on a personal destiny. He based his work on the French mathematician and Statistician Michel Gauquelin who had demonstrated the influence of planets such as Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, on human behavior, the so-called Mars effect [1].





Global warming theory is corrupted by politics

Certainly, there are changes in climate but the same always occurred in the past. In the scientific arena, the uncertainty is on the role played by humans and the natural variability. For example, the crucial evil role attributed to CO2 seems to have the opposite effect, making more ice in the Antartica and make Earth greener. In the documentary below, a host of scientists discussed the global warming scam and the political agenda behind such campaign.

Mysterious flashing objects in the night sky

On my Summer holidays, I use to go with my family to the North of Portugal, to a region called Trás-os-Montes. At night, with the kids and some other adults, we use to lay down over a large stone of granite just to enjoy the beauty of the sky at night. I am myself a researcher in the field of plasma and electromagnetic propulsion. However, I cannot explain what are those objects flashing lights in the sky that appeared episodically slowly moving, while pulsating lights, brighter, fainter, and, occasionally, emitting a strong flash of white light. I didn’t have a sensitive camera to record the phenomenon but I found several records of the same phenomena in youtube. Apparently, this is being registered for a while… Anyone can observe these lights with naked eyes but apparently, they appeared about 10:00 and 10:30 pm just above the skies of Murça, Portugal. I would like to believe that those objects already fly according to EM propulsion, or plasma propulsion, but I have no information about man-made flying object operating accordingly to the physics described in the scientific technical literature. It surprises me a lot that astronomers or NASA don’t offer an intelligent explanation to the strange phenomena that anyone, in a clear night sky, can observe. Being an open mind, I don’t discard these objects being alien machines (although remotely). If they are, they fly according to plasma and EM propulsion certainly. If they are, we may be (or not) in trouble, but no doubts that our leaders need to be very wise… Surely there is a reason why Steven Hawking is afraid to seek Aliens, see here.

Atlantropa, a new continent

The Mediterranean Sea has formed around 5.3 million years ago caused by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, breaching a land bridge that was connecting Africa to Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar. Then a flood of water entered into the basin. Now, at their closest point, Africa, and Europe are just 14km apart. In 1928, Herman Sörgel, a German architect, proposed a plan called Atlantropa. His plan would involve partially draining the Mediterranean Sea and thus creating a ‘Eurafrican supercontinent’. Sörgel believed his plan would be an answer to Europe’s post-WWI refugee crisis, bringing new living space to people, new sources of hydroelectric energy. The Gibraltar Mega-Station would be the largest in the world, generating 50000 MW of energy. Africa and Europe would have largest amounts of energy to supply their progress, and the all project would bring peace to the world. Until 1950 when Sörgel died, he defended seriously his project, a huge technological leap forward, and even the UN discussed this possibility.

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Jim Carrey and the soul search

The well-known comedian Jim Carrey is out from the screens since about six years and there is a reason, besides healing his broken heart. He embarked on a process that we all should do…soul searching. Watch by yourself and… learn with him. “Your vocation chooses you”…

All 7.5 billion humans could fit inside New York City…

Sometimes it is educative to make simple calculations. For example, what would be the space occupied by all human beings (stand still, side by side)? Surprisingly, they would fit inside New York City…

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The Book of the Dead

The book of the Dead (c. 4000-1500 B.C.) was in general use before the rule of the first pharaohs of the First Dynasty (c. 3200-300 B.C.) and it is probably older than the historical period of the Ancient Egypt. The Book of the Dead combines a diversified selection from a large assembly of religious texts, hymns, litanies, poems, and songs. This collection is a dedicated attempt from Egyptians to avoid oblivion, to them the worst of all fates. So, their religious doctrines were all centered in the resurrection of the physical bodies and the continuation of their old lives. Because for them, life is too short, and the real life is after death, and for that purpose, we all should be ready for the life beyond. The collection of prayers and incantations and magic spells, provide guidance for the deceased, when he finds himself in the other world, full of dangers, to find food and water until he finds himself in front of Osiris and the forty-two judges.

The most famous scene, the formal judgment, as described in Number 125 (see video below). Osiris, the king of the death, weigh the heart of the dead in a balance against an ostrich feather, the symbol of Maat, goddess of right and truth. After the judgment, the good one spends immortality in feasting, conversation, games, singing, while the bad one, the evildoer, is immediately devoured by a monster with the body of a hippopotamus and the head and jaws of a crocodile, opening its mouse incommensurably wide.


Sweden has the rape capital of Europe?…

Sweden has the rape capital of Europe, some says, and women created a girls-only festival.Mixed reaction followed, with some men asking:  “So all men have suddenly become rapists? All of you women who subscribe to this, do you also think your boyfriends, brothers, dads, and grandpas are also rapists? Maybe I shall add ‘rapist’ to my CV then.”

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