This is a blog about literature, philosophy, art, science, life, love. That’s why I named it “The Soul of Matter”, as the soul is possibly an emergent phenomena created by matter. The great physicist Wolfgang Pauli was haunted by the question of the “Ressurection of the spirit in the matter”, and so do I. Some texts will be posted in this space and, for the moment, the announcement of my first book in Portuguese. But, as time goes by, I announce my first booklet with short stories, in English, entitled “Lovers are Forever” (aren’t they?…)  I know, I know, you may say «How dare you?!…» Well, I dare, I dare, indeed, because life is a field of experiences.
I am a physicist, portuguese, living in Lisbon, born in East Africa, Mozambique, the place where mankind possibly was created. Why I am writing (in English and Portuguese)? Because I am sure that the scientific path is not enough to disclose the great enigma of life. So, literature is my refuge…

Um Estranho Olhar sobre o Paraíso, by Mario J. Pinheiro


The author is at the center during the first public presentation of his fiction in Portuguese. At left, my dearest friend and artist Américo Jones and at the right corner the Editor, Susanne Engel from Chiado Editores.


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