I was born in an epoch where science was highly respected because it saves lives, it gives to our lives comfort and quality, and with cybernetics, there was a general feeling the day of liberating humans from mechanical and under-human activities would be over. But what we see nowadays is a situation where it is relatively easy to publish mainstream science, publish papers that delve on the sex of the angels, measure numerous parameters in complex systems with no theoretical explanation, the abuse (i.e.,, without attempting to understand and explain) of numerical simulators to reproduce complex natural and artificial artefacts. By another side, every work that attempts to introduce new concepts, because they may lead ultimately to a change of the social, these works are despised, not allowed to appear in mainstream journals. This situation should be discussed among scientists, because since the beginning of science, science was always in trouble, because every effort of the human mind to uncover the great mysteries of life and the universe is not welcomed,probably, by a sector f society, powerful and privileged, that wanted since the beginning of times, a lot of slaves to have a free and available workforce.  Thet’s why it exists, most probably, the “gatekeepers”, a class of people that ensures that no radical idea enters in the society, putting in peril, a status quo that is based on medieval ideas of power, but is not serving the progress of civilization, that does not even follow the idea of the great philosophers humanity have the fortune to produce. One of those class of gatekeepers is the political class. That’s why they are a social class; to gain money while serving 1% of the human population that got their richness from corruption and taxation.

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