– Sara, what a lovely day! Let’s go out, walk along the streets and enjoy this bright day!

– Calm down, Josh, please. I am not right now in your mood.

– But I want to go outside, walk with my wonderful son. Son, let’s go together.

And the little boy, at first surprised, finally jumped to his father. Sara looked out the window with an absent mind.

Walking along the street, Josh was euphoric, being together with his lovely son.

– Look, my son, look to the Sun! It is even rhyming… You are my sunshine! Wow, you are so light, my son.

– But father, let’s return home… Mom is alone at home.

– First, open your little eyes to the beauty around you!

And Josh walked a bit more carrying his son on his shoulders.

– But, yesterday, the neighborhood seemed more… magical. What is going on today, son?… Do you understand?… I feel tired…

– Father, let’s go home, father… I am good for today – insisted the child.

– But, look, son. The broken windows, the dirty street, the dispersed needles, the discolored trees… What’s happening???

– Son!!!