Einstein at Savoy

Photo: Einstein, Lord Rothschild, and Bernard Shaw, at Hotel Savoy, in 1930.

On the evening of 27 October 1930, Einstein spoke at the Savoy Hotel in London for a dinner organized by the British Committee for the Promotion and Economic Welfare of Eastern Jewry. George Bernard Shaw, Lord Rothschild, and H. G. Wells were also there. Einstein said at the end of his discourse: “It rejoices me to see before me Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells, for whose conception of life I have a special feeling of sympathy.” Shaw ended his discourse with ‘My lords, ladies, and gentlemen, I raise my glass to our greatest contemporary: Professor Einstein’. And Einstein replied: ‘I personally thank you for the unforgettable words which you have addressed to my mythical namesake who has made my life so burdensome’ [1].


“Science is always wrong,” George Bernard Shaw famously proclaimed in a toast to Albert Einstein. “It never solves a problem without creating 10 more.” (see also [2])


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