A friend of mine, Bulgarian, told me she had received the day before a phone call during a short stay in Sofia, asking her 10,000 euros to be paid the same day, otherwise, she would be killed. She reassured me, this is very common nowadays in Bulgaria. Even so, she told me to prefer to return to Bulgaria instead to stay in this country where I live now. Because, there, she still have longtime friends that cherish her, always concerned about her, and here, she has none. That sad account makes me think a lot about the European life. I lived for about eight years in France before coming to Portugal, and it was a marvelous experience, indeed. France has a powerful culture and very exigent academia where I improved my scientific skills. However, already several decades before (that I know) and until today, France entertains a very difficult relationship with foreigners, in particular, those, poor, from Arabian and African cultures, that are marginalized and resentful, living on the outskirts of the big cities like Paris… French, in general, tend to assume themselves superior to others, and treat them like that, with the exception of English, USA citizens, Germans and alike, in regard to which they feel equal. When I returned from France, still in my twenties, I had a lot of troubles to adapt and mingle in this country. We needed to become part of a group of other young, to be accepted by them, otherwise, we would stay alone. During the period of time I was attempting to be accepted by a normalized social group of other young people, I had the opportunity to mingle with some crazy friends, nymphomaniacs, artist, and expats like me, which make me more sensitive to the social problem (at least I felt their affection and attentive care). The truth is that still today, it is virtually impossible to make friends in Portugal and I now I understand why a friend of mine said shockingly to us one day, to the “group of friends”, and in a dramatic vibration: ” I have no friends!”. They are unable to relate as friends, I mean with authentic affection because for them life is a Darwinian struggle. They have relationships, supposedly to be socially necessary, regardless the meaning of the word. Nevertheless, they adore foreigners from well-developed countries, maybe to hide the repulsive inner forces that they dedicate to themselves. Of course, all this is so weird that nobody talks about. Especially social scientists. Europe is supposedly a continent that gave to the world a lots of scientists, philosophers, and political scientists, but as a matter of fact, Europe is a tremendously racist continent (very diligently hidden but ready to reappear if necessary as we may infer by the actual fascist drift…) that gave to the world two bloody, absolutely destructive world wars and, if possible, will give a third… And the great empires. Life can be so uncomfortable that they discovered a “New World” and are ready to kill themselves trying to live on Mars. How is it possible, being the supposedly cultured, enlightened, progressive, continent? Of course, the discussion of these issues are not comfortable for the majority and, therefore, the social problem is never well-posed…

In face of all these (hidden) facts, my interpretation differs from the mainstream historians. I sustain that the reason why Europe was so creative in arts, literature, philosophy, science and alike is due not to a supposed outstanding civilizational conditions of existence, but instead, being prone to the most wild instincts, Europe gave birth to an outstanding horde of philosophers, writers, scientists and social visionaries in a desperate attempt to understand the horrible destiny of this continent.