– Where have you been? – she inquired with an authoritative facial mood.

–  Why do you ask me? I waited for you for so long. It was hard, you know?… – he replied with calm abandonment.

– I had stuff to do, had to reorganize my life, my mind… – She attempts to justify herself, displeased.

– Well…Me too. I am leaving this place, this country. – He responded, again with abandonment.

– But where are you going? – She, asked, annoyed.

– Home.

– Where’s home?!…

– Somewhere, in the wilderness of Anatolia, in the jungle of Amazonia, at the verges of Congo river.

– Is that a joke?…

– Nope. I want to live under the shadow of a tree, surrounded by three lovely wives.

– Why three?…

– Three. Is the number of vertices in a triangle, is the most stable structure of nature.

– You are insane.

– I am. Totally. I want to reborn again. – And he savored for the first moment the sweetness of insanity.

– And you are supposed to live from what?…

– I will suck their nipples every day. I will spend the day discovering all the female emotions through the deepness of their eyes, studying the variation of luminosity of their naked bodies when the sun leaves the immense horizon, give a new interpretation to the exquisite lines of their anatomy, embrace their bodies with tenderness, feeling what is the mystic Pythagoric meaning of numbers. Ah, and I will tell them about my dream of flying together with our own wings.

– You got totally laughable!…

– I know.

– Are you serious?…

– Totally.

– Okay. I don’t want to hear from you again. Are we clear?!

– Clear, as never before.