advanced-ancient-civilisationsHumans dream about to be civilized, pretending to build socio-political structures that potentiate their outstanding qualities, their propensity to create poetry, writing, machinery, their propensity to travel and feel fulfilled. After all, they call themselves Homo sapiens, Men the Wise… Instead, they have built a fake, heinous, despicable civilization, that is out there,  based on enslaved populations obliged to do hard work to survive, with wages barely enough to pay their own food, and altogether persecuted by wars, terror, constant exploitation, fake religions, and with the illusion of “careers” in the job market where people are treated as merchandise, financing science and technology that aim to destruction and permanent state of war, forced by governments to work insanely until their very last days, treated as a surplus by cold blood Malthusianism. Frankly, I don’t understand why academicians and the public believe we live in a “civilization” if instead what we witness in our lives and in the world is unrestrained barbarism?

Now, a scientific study conducted by NASA shows the reasons why ancient advanced civilizations had collapsed: the insane rate of depletion of nature and resources not distributed equitably.

REF: Safa Motesharrei, Jorge Rivas, Eugenia Kalnay, “Human and nature dynamics (HANDY): Modeling inequality and use of resources in the collapse or sustainability of societies“, Ecological Economics 101 (2014) 90102

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