Condemned2_Wallpaper-HD_1-1024x576The world smells death… The lack of wise leadership around the world is degrading human life. And men, in their typical arrogance, call themselves homo sapiens (men the wise!…)According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the US spend 598 billion USD per year. That’s a lot and it means that the military has to do every thing to keep the money running, inventing all kind of wars. Daesh and ISIS “fighters” use Hollywood marketing techniques to attract others, killers, their “fighters” learn killing techniques from war games for PC and MAC. We will have no peace. We live in a world in a nonsensical drift. The political class around the world has replaced the monarchies that before ruled without mercy enslaving human lives for the benefit of a few, with blue(!) blood… And now, instead of ruling wisely, they serve those with money and no moral.


What we see around the world is robbing, exploiting, enslaving human and animal lives… A lot of people are dedicating their lives to usurpation, stealing, defrauding, abusing of power, corrupting, menacing. In the work place, people feel insecure, in each country, there is impending the sword of Damocles, the risk of IMF, Goldman Sachs or any other weird “financial Entity” to dictate the faith of their citizens. The elected to represent powerful countries or have their minds at the 7-grade level or are criminals. In Academia and in the “scientific community” plagiarism is a norm, used shamelessly. When a government directive is issued to improve government, the directive cannot be applied because the leadership positions are already fulfilled with people with no qualities. This “new world order” is the “new world order of gamanço”. “Gamanço” is a Portuguese word that means generalized deception and robbery. It fits quite well with the modern times. So, what reasonably expect from the future?