As today is my birthday…my mind runs backwards. Yes, I still remember quite well the moment I discovered myself. At that time I was living in a big house with all my family, literally all my family. It was the beginning of their lives in East Africa, running away from a distressed post- WWII Europe. A long and dark corridor traversed the big house communicating with several rooms. I was two or three years old and in that multitude of beings living around me, calling me for this, scolding me for that, forbidding, cherishing because I was the youngest, I had the confusing idea that I was mixed with the all. But still today I remember the moment when I entered inside my parent’s room coming from that dark corridor and suddenly I saw a diaphanous light illuminating my parent’s bed at the left and, in front of the window, my bed, still with lateral protections for a child, and at the right corner of the room some other furniture. It was then, at that very moment, that I understood to be a different being, an individual, different from all the others around me. Then I understood that I should rely on my self to live my own life, that from that moment to the future, all depended on me. That was truly my (our!) first and marvelous discovery.