I was lucky (until now…) in my life, despite the dramatic views I had lived, and tragic moments I witnessed, of the falling (Portuguese and English) empires, in particular, of the fascist regime prevailing in Portugal and colonies until 1974. I was a kid at that period of time, but I was enough aware of the unbearable conditions imposed to those living in Africa, not alone to africain people but also white people. For example, the spouse of John Kerry, Teresa Kerry, who was also born in Mozambique, still holds as a remnant of the past, the passport issued by the fascist colonial power, stating that she was a “second class” Portuguese citizen. What make me understand the unbearable situation was a resisting (now deceased) uncle of mine that was sympathetic with socialism, particularly after reading Jacques Soustelle book “Lettre ouvert aux victimes de la decolonisation (1973)”. There was a time when I was a kid and despite that I was obliged to go to my school Saturday morning to sing our national anthem accompanied by the Nazi salutation, as being part (naturally forced) of the “Mocidade Portuguesa” (Portuguese Youth). How I hated that regime! How I loved the Mozambicain independence from that white people (to which I pertain…)! They were elitist (without the supposedly required qualities),  they were arrogant, they were brutal, and, above all, they used to act “united” like a beam, like a “facho”, like a torch… (Despite the dramatic war for the independence from the colonial powers, Africa is at the hands of incompetents, brutal governments, unfortunately).

Still to this day, I dislike anything that looks like a “facho”, I hate the denial of freedom to act like an individual, I demand the right to have my own ideas and actions (provided that no body is in prejudice). Sometimes I feel the set of that mood, the return of the witchcraft atmosphere, the reborn fascist mind. I despise anyone that, facing an immoral choice, says “we need to stick together!” That is the essence of fascism, that naturally serves well all those that are not brave enough to stay as an individual defending what is right, what is true. Humanity can only progress with different sort of people, not with “fachos”. A torch was made to disintegrate matter… Increasing diversity saves lives. I know something about that matter.