A De A de Ogleton was the outstanding director of the famous Department of a famous Institute located in the District of a famous province in the kingdom of nowhere. He was born with the awkward habitude to rip documents that he had never seen before on his desk, and to tell people at his first encounter “that you shouldn’t be here”. A, like many others in the pyramidal scale, was the standard for tuning, including the vice-director called DeOtherz, instituted for insanity reasons that to ascend to the heaven of the full professorate should occur, by a rule-of-thumb, through associations of several syndicates. They all have rules to obey, but they also were the only ones to obey by a pre-established hermeneutical dialogue. By seeking help for their relapse issues, they concluded that the million-dollar question was to focus on “Projects” and the accompanying millions dollars (although the most clever of them knew that prioritizing Projects, brings money to Acdemia but, as a rule-of-thumb, kills science). By in-depth interviews and focus groups, the heavenly full professorate decided to create an inter-subjective ethnographic study of the significant personal, social and economic costs and impact of these costs. So, they formed a secretive departmental committee named The Closet. The Closet was very keen to fill the gaps and kill the relapses, one by one. And they did it well, so the State Statistics keep those killed in a warm, healing and spiritual place, named “go to Hell!” To maintain the famous Department working on the wheels, A and DeOtherz, divided the target activities in cells to make the most of intimate partner violence (IPV). The Closet was well aware of the important research done Outland and they did their best to be counted as famous institution in the Outland Ranking, so they decided to invest in running programs, collaborate with famous departmenst outside the kingdom even if merely performing marginal roles, and divided the famous Department in four cells, named W,X,Y,Z. The letters are the last of the alphabet because they did their best to solve numerous practical problems that were hermeneutically dramatizing the ranking of partnerships. W for Wotomization; X for Xinfinity, Y for Ysomanyparticles and Z for Zlazerz. They were keen for number 4 because, although the structure was pyramidal, because A and DeOtherz found that still it was more secure and stable to have someone above the pyramid to relieve symptoms of distress and help connection with the government and DeRest of the famous province. They were very keen of the pyramidal organization, but with someone above the upside corner, and the importance of this (supposedly Pythagorean figure) structure was so big that the symbol was immediately seen at the main entrance, and that is why the famous Department is known by the name the Quadragonal Department – QD. They were very keen to have progress in their careers, we mean, A, DeOtherz and the personnel from the Closet, all chosen by a rule-of-thumb, and that’s why they were, by a rule-of-thumb, viscerally hating the divergent because the important is to “stay together”. So, there was a researcher and professor called Dodecaphonix because he couldn’t do the simple task as all the SingleTons, which was running a program in a parallel computer called Superix. And also it was a lady, called DeMills because she couldn’t stop to complaint anyone that used to stultify. DeMills was arrested without any backreaction from DeRest, because they didn’t satisfy the laws of the universe, although they were supposed to be the brightest people from the famous kingdom. “Understandable”, stated Stupidix. “If I were they, I would do the same. No secret”. A used to say, being a famous specialist in the matters of the universe, that “there is no free electrons” (not aware of the invention of a exotic type of laser called free electron laser), and it “Shouldn’t exist any Singleton”. The QD is now very famous in the famous kingdom, largely thanks to the Closet vision and DeRest remains neutral. The humanity may count on QD, and similar institutions spread around the world, to maintain its steady but fictional form of progress, as it is seen by All and, therefore, quod est demonstrandum.