There he was in a scientific convention waiting for his oral presentation. But before him, a young woman was talking about an astrophysical topic. He paid attention only after a while, after looking to his mobile phone messages. He was waiting for a text message from Lena, his second love, with no success. Upset, he turned his attention to the oral presentation, to the woman, at the exact moment it finished with general applause. Oh God, she was impressive and he failed to recognize it until now, when she was responding to the stupid questions from the attendees with intelligent responses. Oh, he needed to put a difficult question, too, even if he hadn’t paid attention to the splendid presentation. At some moments he knew how to be frivolous.

-I would like to ask Doctor Linda if God had a choice in the creation of the universe. – He questioned the speaker without request of permission.

-Interesting question, Professor Werner. – The woman immediately replied. – I would remember Einstein remark, that the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible. That was His choice.

And there she was, brilliant… He had to approach her and he did it rapidly while she was lonely at a corner of the coffee-break.

-Nice talk. Really enjoyed the clear exposition and the way you explained space by means of string fractals. But I was really distracted by your shining personality…

-Come on, Werner. You are not deficient in self-esteem.

-We only go after we think we deserve – He said, while touching gently her brown hair.

-Lonely or needing support? Maybe you want easy sex…

-What’s wrong with it?

-You turned me down, remember? …

-I don’t have a desire of a “one more time”… Don’t reduce me, don’t make my life linear… Don’t complete me, because that would be, in fact, death. – And he left the room to the conference lobby without looking back.

She slowly pack her stuff and slowly left the astrophysical session. People were busy searching for cookies and coffee. He was looking through the wide windows, the city traffic, the dense number of walkers along the avenue, the skyscrapers, the mesmerizing Tokyo city lights. The sunset was almost there. She was not comfortable with what happened before between them and with reason.

– Maybe you want just a hole…not a lover. – She throw up him, with some subtle aggressivity in the voice.

– No, no. I am not certainly a rabbit. – He said, defending himself, but couldn’t avoid for a moment to evoke in back flash the last time they make love together, the last time they met in her hotel room in Kyoto. After a bike stroll in the beautiful gardens and the Ginkaku-ji Temple, they return to the hotel to rest. She was in love with him, and he wasn’t sure. Maybe he was. Both naked in the straight bed, they start drinking a small bottle of sake Ginjo-shu, and then, after the last drop, they searched in each other mouth the flavor of the fruity fragrance. She was too much excited because she waited so long for that moment, but he was tired under the effect of the alcohol and the jet lag. Despite the desire that with no doubt flourished in his poetical mind, his effort was not enough to satisfy her (he knew it) and she languished with her beautiful body crossed over his own, like an X, interrogating him with her colored face and oversized nipples, whispering, in sweet, languishing sounds; “Oh! God, what I had in my mind…” A condo was thrown to the floor, their bodies panting and sweating. No, he didn’t want commitments, he fear what could come later, the agony of love, the routine, the disintegration of bodies and languish in desire.

– I need to leave. – He stood up, dressing quickly. – I wish you the best of life. Really. – He reiterated with a candid look. At that moment, he understood he was in love with her.

– Be sure I will have it. I will. – She replied, not knowing what else to say and covering the body with the blanket.

But that was all they had, a short night together, and the fear of the unknown. Clearing his mind from this remembrances, he left rapidly the congress center and took the wrong direction on the street. She was happy to know the truth. That she was losing her time with that guy, but she was also, in some way, sad, because he didn’t gave her a kiss, a simple kiss. A kiss that would seal that chapter of her life forever. Then she also left the congress center at the same moment when Werner was passing by the door. And they met again.

– What’s up, Werner? Have you missed me?… – She smiled with a naughty face.

– I will miss you. I never realized how much I loved you. Can I kiss you, again? – He was sincere.

She faint to be confused, looking him straight in the eyes, but finally she consented. And then he touched her lips with a soft kiss and, for a moment, they stayed embraced. A lover with the most pure kind of love. A lover for a night.