This is an old moral story. It shows that even with our own flaws, each one of us can be unique and valuable…

«Once upon a time there was a water bearer

who carried two pots of water to his teacher

each day. Each day he would walk to the nearest

stream, fill both pots with water, and walk

back, one pot on each side of a pole he carried

across his neck. One pot was cracked and

so by the time the water bearer reached his

teacher, it was only half full. This continued for

two years, with the water bearer only bringing

one and a half pots of water. The perfect pot

was proud of its achievements. The cracked

pot was sad that it could only do half the job it

was supposed to do. One day, the cracked pot

said to the water bearer, ‘I feel so upset and

ashamed. I’m imperfect and I can’t hold a full

pot of water. What use am I to anyone?’ The

water bearer told the cracked pot to look on the

ground as he carried it. The cracked pot noticed

the most beautiful wild flowers and plants on its

side of the path. The water bearer explained,

‘When I realised you were cracked, I decided to

plant seeds on one side of the path, and every

day, as you leak, you water that side of the path.

If you weren’t cracked, these gorgeous flowers

wouldn’t be here for all to enjoy.’» – unknown author.crackedpot

The Parable of the Cracked Pot | by violscraper