depressionI finally got so tired and worn out with all my problems, at the same time being confused and deceived, I knew I needed to change rapidly my tendency to approach problems negatively. I needed to sit and meditate. So I sat at the entrance of the institute hall. Then I noticed that an old man was sat by my side. He was passing the sections of the newspaper back and forth in silence, but nervously. That bother me a bit, so I said, attempting to artificially create a distracted atmosphere:

– Today the weather became warm, unexpectedly. It’s annoying.

– I feel the contrary, I feel cold. Here, in my chest.

I was surprised and quietly remained in my place attempting vainly to focus in my meditation session. After a few moments of silence, he observed:

– It is not easy to find a department in this campus. I came with my son, it was painful to find this place. He is there, in that auditorium, waiting for the interview. Poor young guy, since a long while he is searching in vain for a job. You know, the corruption is big in our society.

– Yes, indeed, from below to the top. – I agreed, remembering my own “career” in academia.

The old man continued:

– And now my chest feels pain, my heart feels irregular heartbeat, it is painful not having money enough to sustain life nowadays with this permanent distressed economy.

– Painful, indeed…

-And now my son is in that room. He studied philosophy at the university. He is blind. I am his guide. No money for further expenditures. At my age, you see? But he wasn’t born blind, it was the fault of the hospital that put above him a strong light. If I knew at the time, I would put them in court.