Switzerland takes seriously what in the West we pretend to be for crazy people. Dr. Daniel Ganser gives a course at the University of Basel on subjects that, until recently, we dismissed as for cranks. Not anymore. Now you can follow this course online about conspiracy theories or be a direct student if you wish. Why? Because we must understand what is going on and prepare the world for a new period of human history, with Progress and Peace… This is the headpage:

Swiss Historian, Peace and Energy Researcher
Director of the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research

My research focuses on energy, war and peace from a geostrategic perspective. Today, thousands of people all over the world are looking for peaceful solutions to conflicts and promote renewable energies. I am convinced that scientists, too, can help overcome some of the lies and the brutality that still shape our world.

Research Interests:

  • International History from 1945 to today
  • Secret Warfare and Geostrategy
  • Intelligence Services and Special Forces
  • Peak Oil and Resource Wars
  • Globalization and Human Rights

Details here in their site: