St. Augustine gave a definition of Time that to me seems a little confused, clearly he (or anyone else) doesn’t understand what is Time, but in all treatises on Physics authors insist on quoting him perhaps because he was an authority of the Church. I am just a regular guy but I dare to talk about it, the Time, perhaps because, with age I know that is becoming scarce. So, Time is not the same for everyone. As held by Martin Heidegger, Time is not dissociated from Being, that’s what I felt today when walked by me an acquaintance, already dragging her foot and a little bald too. Not long ago, maybe ten years ago from now, I saw her coming out from a local nightclub with an exaggerated miniskirt, although I also remember to notice that her legs didn’t look that bad. We all have an endless number of memories, with no importance to others but that make us a being. So, Time is not a passive entity, it transforms things. Those memories appear to me most of the time in the form of photographs, in fact I only rarely recall some moments of my life as if they were like a movie. I still strangely remember, for example, that moment when I hit hard with my head on the floor at the moonlight of East Africa, and, scared, I felt slipping the blood over my face. I have another image, now quite faded perhaps due to the intense African light, when I was still a kid walking on a Sunday morning with my dad in the Chinatown of Catembe, on the other side of Maputo, made of huts supported on wooden pillars and with a young Asian fisherman looking deep into the Bay. I don’t know who made us or why we are here, but I suspect that the Creator did/do the work according to His own view of things. I don’t wonder about Who is God, I really don’t want to know. Not that He wanted to reveal to me, that He wanted to reveal to us, because that would be absurd. If God revealed Himself to us, some people would be shocked with the Revelation because He could be trough, have an unaesthetic sign on His Face, or even being married to a Harridan. If God doesn’t reveal to anyone it is because He wishes we may find Him inside of us. Also I’m not looking for you to tell me what’s the meaning of life because then everything would lose the grace. Imagine that someone or He reveals the meaning of life. Suppose for a moment that He asserts that the “meaning of life” is working 8 hours a day, resting on Sundays and get retired at 66. This meaning of life is constantly reminded in social media, for convenience. Horror! God didn’t create the world for that grotesque purpose. God Did His Creation with a kind of notebook in white pages: “My son, the meaning of life is whatever you want to give to your life.” He meant: surrender to the wonderful, be creative, give yourself a purpose, awareness, patient.

If God prepared us for death it is because He has other plans for His Creation. I don’t believe death ends with everything. If God made us with short lived lives then I feel the right to complain. Because if I were god I would give to anyone the opportunity to enjoy several lives. And all with a happy ending.