«Politically violent individuals have also always been a part of society, and their activities have been largely contained by the police or militar. Today, things are different. These individuals have discovered a political lever which will (italics) move the System and they have begun exercising it to effect. The lever is terrorism: the use of coercive intimidation for political motives. Terrorism is not new, but it has undergone refinement; it is no longer the blunt instrument that it used to be.» – Michael Flood, in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, October 1976.

This scenery is quite actual but we may say that people are in general wishing peace, if they seek violence there are reasons, the major ones are poverty and ignorance. Governments should attack terrorism not on their ground (but out of their ground, fighting poverty and enhancing the quality of education)…It is a question of common sense, on their grounds, governments, normal people will always loose… Fighting on their grounds, strengthen terrorism. It seems basic strategy that any boxeur or martial arts fighter knows. Einstein once wrote (my translation) «All that man ignores does not exist for him. So the universe of each one is reduced to its knowledge