There are a lot of individuals that make we think, for moments, that life is boring, that there is nothing new, vibrant,  to expect. And we may easily believe them, because, the way society is organized, difficult the harmonization of mind, body and soul, a process that needs time,  meditation, that is, time to stay still, as the cats sleeping in the sunny side of the shadows. Also, there is this strange sequence of time, that bother anyone a lot, perplexing, because what we see in front of us is the past, all we can think is based on the past, on what we have learned before, words, concepts, manners, experiences that marked us, for good and for bad. Paradoxically enough, we live in the future, each single day hoping to cross this weird barrier of the past that is erected, interposed,  between our being and our dreams, the need to fulfill our lives, to justify it. This past, that confuses us in our attempt to give a sense of purpose to all this weird, and to some of us, magnifique adventure, this suffering, sense of imprisoning, frequent despair, the daily struggling for survival. All this complex trama, despite all the junkyard inoculated to us by the propaganda of state, the politicians that encourage crazy people to put bombs in our subways and airplanes to justify their importance, the innumerable “churches” that claim to be representatives of a supposed to be god that tempted Abraham to kill his son Isaac to test his fidelity, a god* much alike the gang boss does on a daily basis, much like the insane people we all met times to times and mark us inevitably by their virus. What bloodthirsty, shocking past, we inherited from our ancestors, from the gods that are supposed to have made us. Can’t life be much more appealing when we succeed to break the chains of the prisons we choose to live? Because the past is the mountain where we keep all the wounds that we endured. Because even the good memories are painful, they can not ever return, alive, colored by our younger eyes that have seen those wonders. Because life is dynamical, an ever challenging process that we must learn to accept with a natural smile, after all, not taking seriously what fate give to us. Then I understand why Eastern philosophy inspired a so large audience and the hippie culture explored these enlightened paths:

«The world, I believe, is far too serious, and being far too serious,
it has need of a wise and merry philosophy. The philosophy of the
Chinese art of living can certainly be called the “gay science,” if anything can be called by that phrase used by Nietzsche. After all,
only a gay philosophy is profound philosophy; the serious philosophies of the West haven’t even begun to understand what life is. To me personally, the only function of philosophy is to teach us to take life more lightly and gayly than the average business man does, for no business man who does retire at fifty, if he can, is in my eyes a philosopher* This is not merely a casual thought, but is a fundamental point of view with me. The world can be made a more peaceful and more reasonable place to live in only when men have imbued themselves in the light gayety of this spirit. The modem man takes life far too seriously, and because he is too serious, the world is full of troubles.» – in The Importance of Living, by Lin Yutang

* God doesn’t play dice, right?


By Lubomir Bukov