Arriving at my age and being a professor at the university, I realized that work is not everything. My generation was formatted to think that way, but when I see the younger generation I become more confident in the future by noticing that, for them, work is not everything. We need to get a life and sense of purpose. We need to travel and visit other places, by airplane, train or barefoot. We need to love, to enjoy every moment like no one has taught us before. But, government (composed of “professional politicians”) and university leaders are more concerned about money. Money is their Lord. So, dear reader, take this day to think in a broader sense, that work is not everything in life, that life begins after work is finished. And do the minimum, unless you work for Google, Yahoo, HP, or other great company that value workers. They put workers above all things. Otherwise, nobody will give you the credits. Capitalism needs a huge modification in the near future. Because the parasitic fungus that rules our lives is taking us like the cordyceps fungus… They make your brains work for “them”…