The unification is a man-made idea brought to all of us because of our material condition, and that idea was materialized by mankind with the number 1. But mankind loves the opposite, although without understanding it, so mankind created the number zero and represented it by the figure 0, a nonsense because it shouldn’t be represented after all. That’s why God first created a woman and gave to her the first female number 2. Unsatisfied, He created Man and gave to him the number 3. Matter seats on the number 1+3, that makes the Minkowskian space of the physical theories describing events in time (1) and space (3). However, we have our body, our conscience, and the ability to connect to the “other side”, the unknowable. The Pythagorean School gave a huge importance to triangular numbers, probably for this reason, among many others, certainly. So, 1, 1+2, 1+2+3, all the way to 666, there is a lot of triangular numbers. Gamblers studied the Pascal’s triangle, Charles XII and Swedenbourg dedicated to profane numerology, and even Salomon received 666 gold coins. So, as a certain school in mathematics believes, numbers have a real existence, they are not merely the result of human congemination…

– What is your name? – the FBI agent interrogates him inside the small interrogation room.

– I have no name. – the arrested man replied in a soft and soothing voice.

– How’s that?…

– I have a number.

– A number? Are you kidding me? Do you think I have time to spare with crazy people?

– My name is a number, I told you. Six hundred and sixty-six. Six, six, six.

The officer stared at the guy, astonished.

– The number of the beast, Satan, Lucifer…So, you are Lucifer? – the agent asked again, annoyed.

– People call me by a lot of names: the Greeks called me the Devil; the Hebrews, Satan; the Latins, Lucifer,… So, just pick one, because I have no name. As I said, I have just a number…

– Ahahah! You are despicable. Let us get serious here – the policemen approached suddenly in a face to face attitude. – Tens of innocent people died in that explosion, and you were seen going out from that hell, untouched. What you were doing inside the building?!

– I was trying to save them. They were not fitted to life on this planet – the man continued, unperturbed.

– Saving them? Be clear for Christ sake!

The arrested man trembled unperceptibly.

– You put the bomb inside the building! You are the responsible for the massacre! – the agent shouted. The arrested man looked at the agent, saw the aggressive move in slow motion, that body shaking in anharmonic motion.

– I repeat: I saved lives in that situation, indeed! – he responded after a few seconds.

The agent leaned back in his seat, desperate with the confession.

– But what you mean with: “I saved lives”? – he asked, suddenly curious and perplexed.

– I already told you. They are not fitted to live here. This is a big prison. All planet Earth, haven’t you seen yet, in all your entire life?

The agent, in his fifties, stopped for a moment in an introspective mood.

– I am done with you! – and he left the interrogation room.

Then a woman agent enters by her turn. He looked at that body, shaking like a water bag, but with insidious forms. Aren’t that what we call forms?… The woman had a shiver when realizing she was observed by that tranquil and gentle potential assassin.

– Believe me: I am the Angel of Death. This is the name that you, humans, gave to me. But in fact, I am here in this planet, in this material world to save you, humans.

– I am sorry, but I don’t get your point… – the woman replied with a despicable voice just to faint the interest the personage brought to her.

– You, humans, you do every day, persistently, wrong actions, wrong thoughts that drive you to death. For me, it’s unbelievable, well, almost unbelievable, that you were made in so fragile condition. If I didn’t act, you, humans, would die in one day, not living so many years as you usually do. I don’t pretend nothing, I am just telling you the truth. Maybe thousand years of feminine intuition will give to you, beautiful lady, the ability to understand me. Because death is not the horrible end you imagine. Death can save you from your earthly slavery mode of life. This is written in your Bible, you, Christians: “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.” (John 11:25).