Today I told to myself: «I want to talk with God». But I was afraid at the same moment I had this weird wish. Probably He will think I am disrespectful to Him…Well, I thought, if He lives inside of me or me inside of Him, this cannot be catastrophic. So, it follows my conversation with God.

– God, why you gave me so much pain, obliging me to overcome so formidable task?

– It would be a lot easier if you had nothing to do, doesn’t it seems?

– Yes…

– But you wouldn’t be able to understand what is the meaning of Money, how to obtain it. Why you want more? I gave you enough for each day.

– I know, I know, but I could travel more, instead to be looking inside things in the corner of my house.

– See. You are lucky. You can work a lot of time in your own space…Free. Would you like to be another person? Why? Just to show Me that you are unable to live yours, to have fruiction of what I gave to you, each day? Why should I give you another life, if you are unable to live the one I gave to you a few years ago?…

– Thanks, God. I apreciate it.

– You are welcome to this life…