OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am not a religious person in the traditional sense of the word. I believe in a transcendence, something that I feel everyday. And I don’t believe in chances “God doesn’t play dice” (right?). So, when I visited last summer the sanctuary of “Nossa Senhora da Peneda” I had suddenly a strange feeling while I was sitting in a coffee-shop just in front of the Sanctuary. home-santuaria-sra-peneda Because, suddenly I asked to my self: «Why people built this sanctuary here, side by side with this rock (penedo)?» Then I looked attentively around the rock, trying to discern some signs of the Virgin Mary or other Christian deity, but I couldn’t figure out none. Then, suddenly, I saw what is registered in the photo I took at the moment… SantuárioNSP1The perfect image of na Alien with short neck and even the incredible focus of light incident on the supposed eye…Then I saw this Alien with a number 933 in yellow, by the way, I was happy, because, according to the specialists in this hidden realm, “The repeating Angel Number 933 indicates that you are fully supported, surrounded and loved by the angels and higher beings of the spiritual realm.” The story about this sanctuary goes like this: «Legend has it that the Lady of Peneda appeared in August 5, 1220, to a child who pastored some goats between those rocky places. The Lady appeared to her in the form of a white dove flying around. He asked her to tell the inhabitants of the place of Gavieira to build him a chapel in that place. The shepherdess, when arriving home, told her story to their parents, but they did not give him great credit. Later, when the shepherd was taking care of her goats in the same location, the Lady appeared again, now in the form of the image that exists today, and said that “since you do not want to give credit to what I say, go to the place of Roussas where‘s a woman crippled for eighteen years and say to the residents of the place to bring her to my presence, so that I will give back her to a perfect health state, and so will you believe what I command to you. The woman’s name was Domenica Gregory

The next time you visit this place, your interrogations will be beyond the common realm. Will be from another galaxy.

May him protect us all!