eroticaThe excitement of the invitation brought to his mind that seductive image of Ayer, one of those magical moments in which she aspired to merge their bodies, as Yin and Yang, in a corner of the staircase of the building where once lived and composed the genial Franz Liszt at Vorosmarty utca, Budapest. From the depths of his memory, crammed of experiences, he revived several times, Ayer undressing the blouse Alizarin (wearing with white shorts in that summer) and showing, with her typical candid look gazing on him, the breasts sustained by a black bra until the liberating gesture of his deft fingers and the reverberating sound produced in that old space. He smiled, because he knew that Ayer had in mind an authentic catalog of sexual positions and perverse erotic techniques that she learned in her youth, shared several years with a German doctor (a lover of the arcane and much older than she) in the remote mountains of the Hindu Kush, where it was said to have practiced polyandry. And those words with which she seemed intoxicated, Shingara, and erotic verses of Umar Ibn alFarid and Rumi, or the devil magic turn in Caldéron “El Mágico Prodigioso”, «Tandem perfecit diabolus, ut fornicationis daemon Justinae formam adolescenti ostenderet…exsultantem et clamantem…», as Ayer whispered often because for her it was critical to have sexual desire to keep life in motion.

Whispering, then listening close
from the vision of one
casting away his all, instantly,
out of an omnipotent hand.- Ibn al-Farid