I still remember like it was yesterday. How I wished that a comet hit that girl! Jealousy? Maybe… But when I saw her crossing the building of the high school, an evil idea crossed my mind. She was passing, hand by hand, with her boyfriend, a lunatic guy addicted to heroin and a hero for all the girls around. Then, one month later I was there, inside the old hut, like a dream come true. It was not just an old wooden shack lost in a corner of the yard. It was the “hut”, the shrine of love used by the oldest of our school. We were seated side by side, just looking out through the door wide open to the secret garden, a strange, viridescent and refreshing space, hidden from normal human business activities. – I like that tree. Green, brightly green like the lettuce – I said, after an embarrassing silence.

– Yes. It’s beautiful. – Michaela replied, after looking abashed at me from the corner of the brownie eye.

I took out from my bag a guava, a beautiful, shining, reddish guava.

– Do you want a bite?

– Well, it looks gorgeous…

We shared the fruit.

– It feels so gooood… – she said, opening her expressive brown eyes and with a different tone of voice, like the awakening of an imprisoned spirit inside a bottle.

For a moment we were absorbed in our tasting experience and instilling all the subtle nuances that the scent of the tropical fruit may have.

– Take it. Clean your mouth and hands – I offered with delicacy. Pretending to be a normal gesture, I put my arm around her frail shoulders, splitting away with my hand her long black hair. We continued sitting there, oblivious of our homework still to finish. – Do we see each other tomorrow? – I asked, afraid of a negative response. – Why not? Do you want it? – She inquired, nonchalant. And then, boldly, she proposed me: – After the school, at the corner of the avenue? Meanwhile, some birds outdoor started serenading. We looked to each other, both amazed and gleeful and our smiles met at that exact moment. Then I again realized that she was not really beautiful, but she possessed a most charming voice and I wondered what it tasted like. But I liked her without further requirements from the very first moment. Then I knew that it was it, that it was the “moment”. I kissed her not without awkwardly kicking first our teeth. I couldn’t recall exactly the moment we spent kissing, maybe it was just a spark of Time, but the truth is I still remember that short and beautiful moment of my youth as if it was today. We leaved the old wooden hut with some confusion and again awkwardly we kicked our heads. – Tomorrow? – If you wish… – she answered me with a scared look.

And then she fled away.