Kafka was unable to have any means of supporting himself as a writer and he studied law after every attempt he did to find anything worth doing and consistent with his “self-absorption and vanity”. W. H. Auden said that Kafka was to the 20th century what Dante, Shakespeare, and Goethe were to their times. In The Trial Joseph K. never discovered who his accusers are and in Metamorphosis, Grego-Samsa, when woke up, saw himself transformed into a giant and horrific insect and thereafter rejected by his family. Together with his another writing The Castle, Franz Kafka denounced the alienation and exclusion of the individual in the face of modern bureaucracy…

One day he wrote:

«For the few months before the final university exam, my mind was fed with intellectual sawdust which had been chewed by a thousand mouths before» – Franz Kafka

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