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Every time I sit to start writing my chronicle I have a different excuse to be diverted from that mission, but what it bothers me a little is the fact that, each time I attempt to start it, I have in my mind a different reason. For example, right now I remember my father had a strong wish to travel and to know other countries and cultures and in a certain way (besides running away from WWII) this drove him to the faraway East Africa. One day, when he was already old and had returned back to his motherland with the family, he said to me: «Bring me with you in your suitcase…» You know, the importance of a father is huge for a man, because if at the beginning of our lives is our mother that counts to you, that means everything to you, and provides you with milk, cheese, meat and pizzas, when we become a matured man, then what gains huge importance is our father, his character and soul that dictates our future and wins our sympathy (notwithstanding our perennial love for our mother)…

So, several motives can drive you out of your country… One of them is basic curiosity, the other, a little more ornate, is an inner driving force that we cannot understand. When I listen the call of this mysterious voice, I start to organize my suitcase like a zombie and go, yes, it’s true, I feel like a bird looking for the place where he dies, or start another phase of his life. In my case I am looking for food for thought. Your family will not understand really what is going on, but I promise to stay connected anyway with them, talking occasionally via Skype.

Now, you may ask: and what about Bern, Switzerland? Well, these notes will come by pretty soon. High spirits!


Einstein lived at Kramgasse in a very small apartment with Maric. At the end of the avenue we found a medieval tower built at the XIII century that certainly helped with Time the third officer at the Bureau des Brevets, Herr Albert Einstein.