Because after all, may be he won the battle between light and darkness…Otherwise, who invented Bankers and politicians?…Theologians and philosophers have deserted this field of study, now occupied by poets and novelists, probably because they are more sensitive to the ethereal effluvia that the Devil emanates, the terrifying image and dramatic life that was imposed on him after the quarrel with God. But, being more than evident the powerful grip the Devil have on all of us, being the responsable of the material world and its dismay, it is more than necessary to endeavour with a new spirit (and a new eye) the study of these matters. Every people on Earth named him (or Him?) differently: Satan (in Hebrew), Baphomet, Beezelbub, the Adversary, the Fallen Angel. But is it fair for a Christian to hate him? Is it in harmony with the teachings of Jesus? We should not love nor be afraid of the Devil, nor endeavour diabolic activities, but we must without delay to start to know him better and in fairness, searching above all to drive him back to the righteous path.

Adveniat regnum tuum, fac nos-tentia