The Lodge – being a detailed account of a weird adventure in Istanbul

Life became good when I received an inheritance from my Turkish uncle and I was decided to make everything to survive the next millennia, even against the odds of the Illuminati. He was a Sephardic Jew like me, descendant from relatives that fled from Portugal to Turkey at the beginning of the 19th century, a few years before the Portuguese inquisition was extinguished by the “General Extraordinary and Constituent Courts the Portuguese Nation” in 1821. Sephardic Jews contributed to the World History with outstanding individuals such as Baruch Spinoza, Founder of Christian Liberalism, and David Ricardo, one of the Founders of the Bank of England. My uncle’s name was Benjamin Mose Amon and one day of 2014 (I will not specify here for the sake of confidentiality) I was invited by one powerful friend of this lineage to a meeting in his castle, at Marmaris, a port town and tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast, located in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey, along the shoreline of the Turkish Riviera. I was decided to take advantage of life and enjoy each day as a divine gift. I still remember well that very day when I was introduced to Samya after the big door in wood was open to receive me inside the Castle. She was a nice, beautiful woman, wearing in occidental dress, but with a typical Turkish look and a mist of colors in his eyes, face and hair. After a walk in the labyrinth of the garden, we both went to a comfortable room to rest a bit before the mysterious meeting that was scheduled at exactly 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The room was comfortable indeed, with paintings of Osman Hamdi Bey, Seker Ahmet Pasa, Süleyman Seyyid, as is well known, artists formed in military schools. Some old books impressed me, one of them was wide open in a support. I looked at it with some ludicrous curiosity because they displayed several drawings of what seemed to be a labyrinth accompanied by a few words in Turkish, completely strange to me, since my knowledge is only in English, Spanish and Dutch (with some acquaintance with Ladino, as spoken in Antilles).

– Please, lie down in this chair and let’s talk together for a while. We still have plenty of time – she said with a serious face.

And so I lied down comfortably by her side on a kind of antique fainting coach. One girl was sat on the other corner of the room and I noticed at that moment some exchange of signs between the two. The young girl was sat looking outside, to the garden, and meanwhile I completely forgot her.

We kept talking about the owner of the castle, the family genealogy and some trade that went on for a while during my uncle period in Istanbul, as is well-known, one of the richest cities in the world. I then understood that the host was her father. I am lazy by nature and couldn’t get free of the idea to touch her nipples, voluminous under the green silk blouse that she wore that day. Maybe she noticed my fragile nature in what concerns sexual matters and she approached me a little bit more in a sophisticated but relaxed way. I was perturbed with that strong and magnetic look of her, since her eyes were painted with an intense color of crocus. So I start touching her nipples with my two right fingers since I was sat on her left side, while I continued in a unperturbed way my conversation. At first she looked serious and for a moment I thought she will kick me with a lap on my face. But, no. Instead, she let me keep doing that kind of tender gesture, caressing her belly up to the nipples and then holding the nipple between my two fingers. All was done in silence, only our looks seemed framed in eternal flame, her breath look like had frozen in a strange combination with her rubbed face. Then, as my sexual desire aroused, I lay on toward her face and kissed her lips and hold them with my teeth in a passionate way, as I use to do in that body position. She was still like in a potential state of desire and then I noticed that the other girl was still there. But when I looked back to her, somehow intrigued, she stood up and left the room with a slow and provocative pace while still looking to my girlfriend. When the girl closed the door behind, then she stood up too, arranged the green silk blouse and said to me:

– May be  it is wiser to go to the meeting…

And we left together to the main Bailey and there we entered to a big ball room with a round table at the center. Some male guests were already waiting to the beginning of the mysterious ceremony and then I sat in a place that was assigned to me. Then after a few prefatory words, someone read some words from an old book, in Turkish first, then in English, but I must confess that I didn’t fully understood its meaning, since all my attention was still focused on Samya that unfortunately was sat in a back raw of chairs together with other women.

Then a small box was deposited on the table and I smelled the tender odor of blood and identified its typical reddish color, although it was more clear than it is usually seen to anyone that witness a tragic accident, like I did last summer, when the car that was in front of mine collided against a lone cypress while wrong doing a turn. Some of the guests approached the bloodstained box with a total veneration, but I stood behind as much as I could due to the nausea that suddenly possessed me and because I am naturally averse to the red color. Some of the guests start coughing unwittingly and so violently that their blood start exuding from their mouths and they abandoned the ball room convulsively straight to the garden outside. Scared, I myself left the ball room, while attacked by a violent coughing as well and with an uncontrollable burning inside my throat.

Already outside, in affliction, I entered to the labyrinth and then I crossed with one or two of the guests that were walking in an uncoordinated way, flaunting big reddish eyes, and still coughing blood from their mouths. One of them lay down death, I swear.

I felt pain, nausea, and panic, since I was inside the labyrinth with high walls of boughs and leaves, making it impossible to find a way out. By chance, I then found a discrete restroom where I sat down and then immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, it was already morning and I carefully look out of the window when I saw through an opening between the branches, the outdoor.