A black van was parked at the corner of the street. Inside was a woman dressing a white dress and carrying a baby in a black cocoon. The man looked at both and both stared at him. He had no idea what was going on. They were near a bus station. One comes, another go. An inside need, a talkative thought told him to leave alone, to take that bus. He left the car just in time to take the next bus without caring for its destination. The bus started running, but again he saw the woman in white with the baby, outside the car, still both staring at him. He made a sign to stop the bus, the bus immediately stake. He get off. In a slow pace he joined both of them.
– I can’t remind who you are?…Sorry – he bewail.
– How is it possible? Forget us, your family? Is this possible?
– I can’t recall my life, you both. I simply can’t. I am not from here!! – He stout with pain.
The woman, still, without signs of emotions, said:
– We live together, we made love, we made this baby…Don’t you remember?
That voice resonated inside his mind like a church bell. He got into the car. Both of them joined him, again. They remained silent for a long while. The buses were coming and going, without arrest. He felt the need to drink, and pulled out a small bottle of whiskey and swallowed a profuse shot.
– Why are you drinking?
– Because I need!
– That’s why we are here. To make you take future good choices in your life – the woman finally told in a softly voice.
– Who sent you, then?! – He asked with a furious look at his face.
– You know who: our congregation.