He packed all his stuff in an old suitcase. Still looked around the small room with white walls tarnished with a faint mist of mold and he found an old book on a small shelf. He opened the book, full of photos, with a faint smile. So many remembrances…But that was the day he decided, he needed, to see again his family, or at least to get in contact with some sign, some representative of that old family with so many members when he was still young. He needed to replenish his soul from that painful feeling he felt since a long time. Long years living near Chicago and he almost forgot his roots. The weather looked fine and he took the highway with the old 1978 Lincoln Continental. But then he started to remind all his entire life until that very day. His wife didn’t survive cancer, throwing him into solitude. His two children got married and each one of them was living thousands of miles away from him, a distance he could not traverse anymore with the poor vision and that painful dorsal scoliosis. His brother-in-law was insolvent and was wiped out from his sister’s house living then in uncertain places. Even his sister fell into madness and was living in a cheap medical institution in Illinois. At that moment, he realized that she was not far away from there and that he could visit her by turning to the left at the next crossroad. But…she was always obsessively talking and talking about her problems, bringing impossible solutions for her impossible life. At his age, he couldn’t bear impossible dreams anymore. In despair, he looked to the sky and sighed: «Oh, my God! give me a sign, a possible sign of release from my servitude!». Then it came to his memory the image of his grandchild and a large smile opened the brightness in his dull eyes. «What a wonderful child! Frequently calling me, even being so busy with the piano concerts and his studies and trips here and there…»

«Thank you, my God! I will drive to him». So, he turned to the right and began crossing the continental region with his heart full of joy and enthusiasm, driving without stop across the beautiful scenario of Kansas City, Topeka, Salina, Hays. Like the beads of a saint rosary. And he finally fell asleep.