– Do you still love me?…

She laughed on the other side of the telephone line.

– Are you afraid of what?

– I am not afraid of anything. Just asking you.

– Don’t be silly!

– Do you need my kisses and caresses? Of making love together?…

– Of course, my dear. But I need to leave. Night is coming and I need to see the night…

– Do you have people waiting for you?

– Some friends. Why are you asking? Are you afraid of losing me?…

– I told you, I am not afraid. Our bonds are forever.

– Are you absolutely sure, honey? I like to hear that from you. You a sensitive guy.

– …See you soon… soon…- his voice echoed inside the telephone line.

He hangs out the telephone and sat down at the corner of the bed, thoughtful and with a sad look.

– Time for treatments of your wounds. You cannot stay all the time in bed – advised the nurse with a naughty face.